#5WeeksTooLong: Ask the Chancellor to end the five-week wait for Universal Credit

Chancellor Sajid Javid holds the government's purse strings and is "fast-tracking" decisions on what the government will spend in the next year. 

The 'Spending Review' will now be sometime in September. Will he use it to end the five-week wait for Universal Credit?

Amber Rudd, the cabinet minister in charge of Universal Credit, has already called for the wait to be shortened. But she can't make it happen if the Chancellor doesn't give her the money.

We need to make sure he knows why ending the five-week wait needs to be a priority.

email the Chancellor to ask him to end the five-week wait 

Use our form to send the Chancellor an email about the five-week wait.

It's really important that you explain why YOU think the government should end the five-week wait.

Have you (or someone you know):

  • Struggled while waiting for the first Universal Credit payment?
  • Had to repay an Advance Payment or other loan taken out to get through the five-week wait?
  • Volunteered in a food bank, CAB or other advice service and have helped people struggling with the five-week wait or repaying Advance Payments?

Also try personalising the subject line to make your email stand out. 

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