#5WeeksTooLong - join the campaign

Let's end the five week wait for Universal Credit

People supported by Universal Credit shouldn’t need a food bank.

But from the very start, everyone who applies has to wait at least five weeks for a full payment – some are left waiting longer. 

This is leaving many people without enough money to cover the basics, forcing them to food banks. 

You can find out more about the five week wait on our website.

Join the campaign

Join #5WeeksTooLong and here's how you'll help end the five week wait for Universal Credit:

  1. Ask everyone who thinks five weeks is too long to join the campaign.
  2. Show politicians of all parties how damaging the wait is and get them to back the campaign. Hundreds of MPs received emails from #5WeeksTooLong campaigners ahead of a debate in parliament recently - this is just the beginning.
  3. Together with other campaigners, food banks, charities, and faith and community groups, you'll convince the government to end the wait.

We'll be doing more in the coming weeks to build pressure and make change, so sign up now and get involved! 

  • Food poverty is a tragedy. Jess 22.10.2021 10:29
  • I agree with the principles and want to see an end to food poverty. Paula 19.10.2021 19:57
  • Because I myself struggle waiting five weeks for a payment my last two weeks are such a struggle. Never had this problem before universal credit.. they need to separate the benefits again it worked so much better. Chelsie 19.10.2021 11:55
  • Francesca 13.10.2021 13:10
  • A 13.10.2021 12:45
  • This is an added and unfair pressure placed on people who need help. They are asking for help to start immediately not in 5 weeks time, the aid should be there and then reviewed over a 5 week period to enable people to readjust and rebuild Alison 12.10.2021 13:29