Ask party leaders to pledge to protect people from hunger

This General Election, we're asking all political parties to pledge to protect people from hunger by ensuring everyone has enough money for the basics.

We can reach a future where no one needs a food bank. We’re seeing more and more people being pushed to food banks than ever before, but we know what needs to change.

Write to party leaders and tell them why they need to take action.

As a priority, we’re asking the next government to:

  1. End the five week wait for Universal Credit
  2. Ensure benefit payments cover the cost of living
  3. Invest in local emergency support for people in crisis 

These three changes will put money back into the pockets of people who most need our country’s support.

It’s not right that anyone has to walk through the doors of a food bank in the UK. But it’s in our power to end the need for food banks - this can change. 

Take action by emailing party leaders now (live in Northern Ireland? Click here)