Ask your local MP to call on the Prime Minister to stop the £20 cut to Universal Credit

From October, over a million people fear they will be forced to skip meals and switch off their heating this winter as the UK government plans to cut Universal Credit payments by £20 a week. 

We need your help to build public pressure and ask the government to keep this crucial lifeline.  

If it is taken away, it will be a devastating blow for households who are already struggling to make ends meet, potentially pushing even more people through the doors of food banks from October.

This is not acceptable.  

We’re urging the UK government to choose to protect people when they need support, not cut them adrift.    

How you can help us.

Compete this form to send your local MP a message letting them know the impact that this cut is going have.

Let your MP know why this issue is important to you by filling in as much detail as possible in the form. This will then be added directly into your email to MP.

If you, your family or friends are being supported by Universal Credit then it would be especially powerful to share that in the space provided, and what the cut might mean to you/them.  

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to tell us about how you’ve engaged with your MP, please email