Ask your Scottish Parliament candidates to end the need for food banks

During this year’s Scottish Parliament election, we’re asking all candidates to commit to working towards ending the need for food banks. These elections are an important opportunity to call on candidates to commit to our vision of a Scotland without the need for food banks.  

No one should be forced to turn to charity because they can't afford the basics.   

Food banks in the Trussell Trust network in Scotland distributed 111,000 emergency food parcels between April and September 2020, with increasing numbers of parcels being distributed to children. This is tip of the iceberg; there are many other providers of emergency food beyond the Trussell Trust network. This isn’t right. 

However, these problems are not new. Food bank use has been rising every year, with a 75% increase in need in Scotland over the last five years. 

Every elected MSP has the opportunity to use their power and influence to deliver the policy changes we need to build a hunger free future for the people of Scotland.   

Write to your local candidates to ask them to commit to working towards ending the need for food banks in Scotland and for their party to develop an action plan, within 12 months, to make this happen which:   

  • Ensuring everyone can afford the basics.   
  • Helping local services work together to ensure people get the right support at the right time.   
  • Involving people with direct experience of poverty and local food banks to shape the plan to end the need for food banks.    

It's quick and easy to contact local candidates - simply email them using our online form now and ask them to pledge their support.   

You can find out more about our policy asks in this briefing for candidates:

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to tell us about how you’ve engaged your local candidates then please email 

We're using candidate data from the crowdsourced Democracy Club project. If you can't see a candidate that you were expecting, it's probably because we don't have an email address for them. You can help fill gaps in the dataset here: