This can change - email your MP

This Wednesday, MPs will debate Universal Credit and debt - we want to make sure as many MPs as possible turn up and speak out. 

Everyone who applies for Universal Credit has to wait at least five weeks for a full payment – some are left waiting longer. This is leaving many people without enough money to cover the basics, forcing them to food banks.

While you wait, you can apply for an ‘advance payment’ – a loan from the Government to see you through that five week period. But once your Universal Credit payments start, you pay that loan back automatically through deductions from your monthly payments.

This puts people between a rock and a hard place: hardship now or hardship later?

Ending the five week wait should be the Government’s first priority to help create a future without food banks.

Email your MP now to ask them to turn up and speak out at the debate in Parliament on Universal Credit and debt this Wednesday.

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