Help create a future without food banks

Our benefits system is supposed to protect us all from being swept into poverty. But the main reasons for people needing emergency food are benefits not covering the cost of living and delays or changes to benefits being paid. 


We know this situation can be fixed - that’s why we’re campaigning to create a future where no one needs a food bank.

One big problem is that everyone who applies for Universal Credit has to wait at least five weeks for a full payment – some are left waiting longer. This is leaving many people without enough money to cover the basics, forcing them to food banks. 

Ending the five week wait should be the Government’s first priority to help create a future without food banks.

Join the #5WeeksToo long campaign and help make that happen.

  • Strongly believe in the vision to end the long-term need for foodbanks and build a fairer society Anthony 15.01.2023 15:23
  • I'm aware of the knock-on issues the wait creates for those waiting. This shouldn't be happening. Alex 24.11.2022 15:19
  • Emmanuel 06.11.2022 23:02
  • Just utterly appalled at how we treat people who need our help the most. Jacqui 03.11.2022 22:08